Grounded To Research?

It’s been few months that I graduated from university. Unfortunately I couldn’t find a good job. I had more than 10 job meetings but no one returned positively. But one of them amazed me with one question: “Do you have any class with you?” Well, I have never expected that! Though, I said “no, but I can write one for you!”. It really was an interesting meeting, they said that 670$ is Senior Developer’s monthly salary! I can’t and wont believe that!

After all these things I decided to apply master’s degree. There was different options. Then I tried to apply two universities. But one of them wanted things that I have never had before. And I missed the application date by being a day late to the other one. But I found another chance, the university that I graduated wanted students! I immediately applied to my former university. And now I’m studying in my former (new) university.

In master’s degree you might research your homework. Professors think that we are grounded to research. But I deny this thought. No one in this world is not grounded to research. Research is in our nature. And to survive we must do it. Beginning from the studies, life is a biggest research facility. To learn, to try. Never get bored by researching, because your research is not only for you, it’s also for humanity. It will help all of us.