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Dear visitors, please do not write any website near your comments and please write in English language. Because those comments with web sites come as spam comments. So I must approve them all. I wish you to write a comment without a website. Thanks for your understanding!..

A New Period!

Finally a new period begins from Monday. By the rumors, the second year is the most difficult year of Computer Engineering. I’ve looked for lesson plans. Lessons are, Occupational English, Assembly, Programming with C Language, Logical Circuit Design, Differential Equations and Basics of Electrical Circuits.

I hope this year would be beneficial to all of us!..


Being in holiday is the best thing I suppose. But it doesn’t mean doing nothing. Of course for us, IT candidates, it is time to learn codes in many languages as much as possible. There are loads of time until the lessons start at university. I wish for everyone to study!..


In this blog, I’ll share as much files about computer engineering as I can. Most of them will be about programming languages. I’ll be pleased if they are read and downloaded!..